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We offer a wide selection of tow bar brands to suit most vehicles, whether it’s a brand new or older model vehicle we try and cater to all. Whether you need a light duty tow bar for a box trailer or a heavy duty to carry your family caravan. We also offer a wide variety of towing accessories . Towballs, hitch and weight distribution bars for all your towing needs.  

The choice of which tow bar to fit ( standard or heavy duty) will depend on what you want to tow. 

First you will need to consult your car’s owners manual to establish the towing capacity of your vehicle. This will give you towing weights in kg for either braked or non braked trailers.

Next you need to work out the total all up weight of what you want to tow including the trailer and anything you wish to put in it. Alternatively call us & we will help you decide which is most suitable.




Standard towbars have a bolt on tongue and are typically used for 'Standard Duty' towing up to 1250KG. All towbars have to comply with Australian Design Rules ADR63.




Heavy Duty Towbars, also known as Hitch Receivers, are suitable for 'Heavy Duty' towing and have a square hole to accomodate either a removable towball or weight distribution hitch. Heavy Duty towbars have a towing capacity of 1500kg to 4000kg.

We offer  a large range of class 4 hitch receivers to suit most makes and models of passenger vehicles and four wheel drives.

Weight Distribution Hitches evenly distribute weight over the entire length of the towing vehicle and trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control and stability. Call us for details.




We offer a range of towbar accessories – please call for details.

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